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Nick + Kaitlin

By far one of the most difficult shoots you’ll ever have to execute as a photographer is the engagement of two friends you’ve known for a long time, through a variety of circumstances. The expectations of the finished product for this shoot were a little higher than I typically set for myself for two reasons.

One: Kaitlin and I met 6…7? years ago¬†through mutual friends working at Starbucks. The first time we had a conversation, that I can remember, she mentioned that she decided after seeing her sorority sister’s wedding that I photographed, she’d only employee me to shoot her wedding. Time passed, friends came and went and Kaitlin and I still remain great friends: climbing and floating together and holding some of those very deep and meaningful conversations that truly define friendships.

Two: Nick and I met 11 or so years ago while his dad was my photography mentor at Arkansas Tech. Russ (Nick’s dad) and I spent many hours creating prints in the darkroom late on Fridays and mounting/preserving them in his studio outside their family home. I watched Nick grow into his artistic voice in college, hone his skills as a ceramicist and carpenter and greatly admired his work ethic of “skill over luck.” Over the last 2-3 years, we’ve grown especially tight over a variety of conversations about growing up in our careers and interpersonal relationships.

These two were independent islands of one another until about a year ago. And after they began their relationship, I definitely wondered why I never thought to encourage them to date before then. Nick popped the question at Christmas of this year and shortly after the question of photography came up. Never anticipating that things would turn out the way they did, I conceded to the idea of photographing their wedding and preferred to be a guest/witness of this important union in my life. However, I couldn’t turn up the opportunity to shoot their engagements.

I know Katie and Jonathan Childs will do a fantastic job with their nuptials–I’m trusting them with my own upcoming wedding as well. ;)

We traveled to the location of their “almost” first date: Ozark Cafe in Jasper and along the Buffalo River. The weather wasn’t quite as we preferred so we shot a handful of these on a crisp golden night outside of Russellville as well. The pup that you’ll notice in a couple of these is the one they’ve “raised” together, Hazel. Please enjoy a sampling of Nick and Kaitlin’s engagements and send them some well wishes in the comments.

Nick&Kaitlin-5465-bw Nick&Kaitlin-e-0587 Nick&Kaitlin-e-0561 Nick&Kaitlin-e-0536 Nick&Kaitlin-e-0510 Nick&Kaitlin-e-0368 Nick&Kaitlin-e-0287 Nick&Kaitlin-e-0278 Nick&Kaitlin-e-0224 Nick&Kaitlin-e-0110 Nick&Kaitlin-e-0051 Nick&Kaitlin-e-0031 Nick&Kaitlin-5775-bw Nick&Kaitlin-5735-bw Nick&Kaitlin-5718-bw Nick&Kaitlin-5702-bw Nick&Kaitlin-5689 Nick&Kaitlin-5665-bw Nick&Kaitlin-5624 Nick&Kaitlin-5507


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  1. Lisa spry
    Posted May 19, 2016 at 7:18 pm | #

    Absolutely beautiful!

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