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Lukas & Darlene

These two and their closest friends and family made the drive from Missouri down to the quaint and historical Arkansas town of Eureka Springs to pledge their dedication to one another. After working at the same hardware store and being acquainted throughout college at Missouri Western State University, life took them in different directions. As luck would have it, Facebook reconnected them and eventually brought these two together.

I think I speak for everyone when I say Mondavi, their 9 month old black lab, stole the show during our posed photo time.

Wedding venue: Thorncrown Chapel

Lodging/Readying location: Skyridge Pavilion

Hair/Makeup: Eastgate Salon

Dress: J Crew   Luke&Darlene-wedding-0963 Luke&Darlene-wedding-0992 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1026 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1052 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1085 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1124 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1138 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1148 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1175 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1204 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1265 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1285 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1297 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1300 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1330 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1425 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1431 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1448 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1481 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1488 Luke&Darlene-wedding-1534 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4520 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4636 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4657 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4665 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4669 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4735 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4786 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4816 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4841 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4898 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4911 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4957 Luke&Darlene-wedding-4983 Luke&Darlene-wedding-5010 Luke&Darlene-wedding-5035 Luke&Darlene-wedding-5042 Luke&Darlene-wedding-5069 Luke&Darlene-wedding-5085 Luke&Darlene-wedding-5127 Luke&Darlene-wedding-5158 Luke&Darlene-wedding-5291 Luke&Darlene-wedding-5305

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  1. Darlene
    Posted May 16, 2016 at 12:49 pm | #

    We lOVE them Liz!! Thank you for photographing our big day and being so easy to work with. We would absolutely recommend you to anyone. Again, Thank you TONS! Good luck in your future.

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