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It’s the most wonderful time…of the year.

In the spirit of the season, I decided to experiment with my annual “around the holidays shooting” endeavor by offering a hugely discounted rate on a short shoot. The 5/5/5 was born (5 minute shoot, 5 finished digital images, for 5 dollars.) I was met with some hesitation from fellow photogs and the general public at first. “Why SO cheap?” was the general response.

During this time of year,¬†we have a lot to buy, a lot of events to attend, a lot of family to see and catch up with and hardly anytime/resources for a 30 minute or even hour long shoot just for a photo to accompany a card. By offering the 5/5/5 shoots, I had the opportunity to reconnect with folks I hadn’t seen in a little while, meet some new faces AND take a little weight off their shoulders with a good deal.

Nineteen families braved a slightly chilled November morning with me out at Bona Dea in Russellville. Below are a few of my favorites.

15minshoots2016-5287 15minshoots2016-5239 15minshoots2016-5223 15minshoots2016-5178 15minshoots2016-5119 15minshoots2016-5084 15minshoots2016-5041 15minshoots2016-5005 15minshoots2016-4979 15minshoots2016-4963 15minshoots2016-4939 15minshoots2016-4907 15minshoots2016-4875 15minshoots2016-4860 15minshoots2016-4842 15minshoots2016-4810 15minshoots2016-4790 15minshoots2016-4753 15minshoots2016-4721

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