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Emily | Russellville High School Senior

Emily and her mom Susan agreed to meet me at Pedestal Rock Scenic Area at 6am. We hiked in about a mile and a half to the outlook just in time for some pre-sunrise and within minutes sunrise. In my opinion, nothing renders better quality of light than a late fall sunrise…especially when a good cup of coffee is involved.

Emily loves to read, coffee and all things nature. She’s one busy senior from Russellville High School with many colleges looking to gain her as a student.

Scroll down to view our captures from that morning.

EJ-1 EJ-2 EJ-3 EJ-4 EJ-5 EJ-6 EJ-8 EJ-9 EJ-10 EJ-13 EJ-14 EJ-7-1 EJ-11-1 EJ-12-1

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