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Daniel + Korri

The aesthetic pressure is on when two artists get engaged.

Daniel & Korri have been dating for three years and in that time have established a cooperative art studio/class space called Kaleidoclasm/KaleidoKids Art in Russellville. With a note to aesthetic, Daniel’s artistic style is a mix of surrealistic street grunge with show titles like “Kids Under the Bridge,” “A Million Miles from a Dream,” and “The 5th Layer.” I really wanted to incorporate that style into their engagements, so we opted for a soon to be revamped upstairs space in downtown Russellville and under the main street bridge. This cool, semi-urban feel meshed pretty well, I think.

Speaking of their engagement, Daniel proposed to Korri in the middle of his latest show “Walls of Emerald” which was featured at local jewelry shop Joshua’s Jewelry during the June Art Walk downtown. Appropriate, right?

Enjoy some favorites from their shoot.

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