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It felt wonderful yesterday to trek out in the snow for some creative, unabridged shooting.

There’s something about urban/derelict places in the snow. I’m already naturally drawn to them under normal conditions, but the addition of the snow just adds another layer of forgotten to their ¬†attitude.

Ultimately, what is it that draws us to photograph snow? For me, its the purification of landscape. Every form takes on a completely new look and our usual leading lines in a composition are simplified. Something else that intrigued me yesterday was vertical and diagonal snow pack. Here’s one of those images:

Also, who doesn’t love the look of icicles?

One last image for you…from Christmas Eve night: a foreshadowing of the following day via halo around the moon. This image was taken on my parent’s farm as I excused myself from the festivities for a few shots:




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  1. mom
    Posted December 27, 2012 at 11:32 am | #

    Liz, You definitely captured the solitude of the day and the night before.

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