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To finish up the weekend of thirty minute shoots, I’ve got two more to show: Ginny, Keylee and Logan and the Freeman family.

Ginny, Keylee and Logan were great to meet and have a little bit of time with to shoot. Keylee and Logan both have quite the personalities: Keylee with her sweet smile, yet slightly sassy attitude and Logan who is 100 percent boy. Ginny’s happily got her hands full.

Last but certainly not least, the Freeman Family. These folks and I headed out to Rushing, just north of Dover to a single room country church right off the main highway. Jo Ann used to photograph these churches every time she and Larry would come across one on their Harley rides around the state, so I thought it a natural place to document their family.

She’s sort of a ham in front of the camera.

Thank you for all who participated in this November’s shoot. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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