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Three more Pre-Winter 30-minute shoots for you this morning: The Miller Family, The Willbanks and the Williams/Eichelberger Family.

If you’ve read my blog before, you might remember Ryan, Stephen and Maranda’s son, who I’ve been photographing since he was a newborn [well, still in his mother's womb, actually.] He’s two now and quite the kiddo.

With some awesome grandparents:

Really, this whole family is so supportive of one another. They’re pretty great to be around.

I couldn’t believe how much Paige had grown up.

The Willbanks. They met up with me Sunday morning. I met this family at a wedding this past year and was stoked to get to shoot their two kiddos: Beck and Sebastian.

Heartbreaker, one day?

And the Eichelberger’s/Williams family. Some of you might recognize the red long-beard in the center. That’s Natal John of Dark From Day One. Maybe you might also recognize Cherokee and/or Justus? I’ve never gotten the chance to get this whole family together for one photo, so this was quite the accomplishment.

We’ve got another heartbreaker on our hands.

I’ll wrap up the 30-minute shoot blogs tomorrow!


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