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Three more 30-minute shoots for you this morning…Maci and Lexi with special appearances by their grandparents, The Morris Family and The Harris Family.

Even though they’re sisters they’re polar opposites when it comes to personality.

The Morris Family. Amelia was a baby the last time I saw them. I can’t believe how much beautiful hair’s atop her head now.

A high five proved good initiative  to get her close for a few shots.


And the Harris Family. I’ve photographed Leslie & Zach a handful of times, but never had the chance to meet Zach’s family. They’re a lot of fun and a bit daredevilish…


If you’ve ever been up to Sunset Point of Mount Nebo, you know of the slightly horizontal tree near the area. It’s fairly climbable, right? Well, the boys proved it was…

More 30-minute shoots tomorrow!

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