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2016 Buffalo Headwaters Challenge

Little known fact: I ride a mountain bike. Even more of a little known fact, I’m the secretary of the River Valley chapter of the Ozark Off-Road Cyclists. When our chapter president made mention that the “mother” chapter of the OORC needed volunteers at the annual Buffalo Headwaters Challenge, I jumped in with my camera.

The ride is headquartered at a fully self-sustaining school in Red Star, Arkansas. People camp the night before (some inside the school, some in pup tents and some in travel trailers,) and there’s plenty of donated beer, food and camaraderie to go around.

Camaraderie is really the overarching theme of the entire scene of the weekend: no grinding competition…all a celebration of the greatness of an IMBA epic trail in the beauty of the Ozark Mountains.

If you were part of the BHWC2016, you can find all the photos (maybe even one of you riding) HERE.  Enjoy!

BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1470 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1472 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1476 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1490 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1499 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1535 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1599 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1654 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1741 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1835 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1848 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1861 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1892 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1915 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1933 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-1945 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2013 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2029 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2061 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2086-Pano BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2169 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2210 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2229 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2252 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2282 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2295 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2355 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2374 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2404 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2510 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2519 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-2584 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-3008 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-3016 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-3032 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-3035 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-3038 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-3046 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-3058 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-3077 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-3087 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-3099 BuffaloHeadwaters2016-3100


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  1. Suzanne Hayes
    Posted February 17, 2016 at 3:22 pm | #

    thank you these are awesome!!!! Great to have you with us that week-end.

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