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They tied that knot after a three year engagement. So this day was destined to be epic.

When I arrived at the Crowne Plaza in Little Rock while Marilee was getting ready…well, getting more people ready than herself [blame the hair styling day job], she was cooler than a cucumber.

Drew, on the other hand, needed a little laughter to ease his nerves.

Marilee arrived at the scene, Alda’s Magnolia Hill, to finish the process.

A charm for the day:

Drew, awaiting:

By far, one of my favorite images of the two of them of the day:

Break time for the boys…

And some pushing around by the girls.

Ceremony. Drew and best man/brother Taylor had been practicing their rowing skills all morning for this.

This, this was a pretty pinnacle moment of the day. Quite a few around her had shed a few tears, happy for the day. For the first time, that day, I think it all came together for Marilee.

When I saw you crying, I wanted to run up to you, hug you. I couldn’t stand it.”-Drew

After a carriage ride back up to the house, the marriage was made official.


Complete with s’mores cart…

and photobooth…

The entrance.

Marilee’s brother plays in a band. Falcon Scott, to be exact. They rocked out for this reception.

As the night grew darker, the dancing shoes started slipping on.

Creative minds started flowing. So, we experimented a little…[I'll know next time the key ingredient to make this even more successful]


  1. Kaylee
    Posted April 23, 2012 at 10:30 am | #

    These pictures are phenomenal, Liz!!! :o

  2. Beverly Harville
    Posted April 26, 2012 at 7:39 am | #

    Oh Liz! You are so worth your money and more! First of all, you were so nice to have with use to share the day, calmed us and focused us on enjoying the special moments of Marilee’s and Drew’s day. And wow! did you capture the memories! I love the way you can feel the tenderness, the anticipation, the pure joy of Marilee and Drew. Plus, you are a great storyteller…loved reading your comments. Thank you, Liz.

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