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…and they like to crack jokes and talk about the interesting way they met:
We met on Myspace, but not in the old school he thought he was a pimp and sent a super cheesy pick up line email sort of way.

 I work for a company that works with the developmentally disabled, but I was not always in Human Resources…I actually started out as a direct care staff.  At the time we met I was a houseparent for two ladies…one of which was my aunt.  I actually started working here so that I could help her better and I guess in a sense hoped to be a part of the change I wished to see in the world. 

My job was obviously listed out on my myspace and I guess somehow he saw that…he sent me an email telling me how great he thought it was that I worked with the disabled and how noble of a profession he thought it was.  As it turns out his aunt is also developmentally disabled (like my aunt) and goes to a place that is a lot like where I work.  We actually became friends because of that commonality. 

The rest is history.

Chris was consistently “worried” about his half of the shoot in the beginning.

But Emily’s a pretty awesome joke teller and icebreaker.

She, after all, invented the phrase “temple time” for one of my common ways for couples to get close.

See you two in June!


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