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It was an honor and privilege to spend the entire day with Courtney and her family. She and I started Tech together back in’04 as undergraduates and have known each other off and on through classes for the last handful of years we’ve spent here in Russellville. Over the summer, she accepted the position as Director of Graduate Support Services where she makes we graduate student be the best we can be. Since we’ve both been working on campus, we’ve gotten closer and during the early fall, she asked a pretty special favor of me.

Her family is all pretty spread out across the NW part of Arkansas, including her “pawpaw” in White Rock. She proposed that all in one day, we aim to shoot her father’s side, her mother’s side and her immediate family all in their living spaces. Totally floored by such a unique opportunity, I jumped on board and we set out on our adventure on an early Sunday morning in late November. We arrived first at her Pawpaw’s, who she is very close to and admires a great deal.


This was a special request of Courtney’s: her pawpaw’s hands. He still splits the wood for his wood burning stove.

We moved across the property to the barn, built in 1955. Courtney’s pawpaw off and on in between shooting kept recalling memories of that barn. One thing I remember for sure is that the main structure is held up by 4 white oak posts. Pretty amazing how long good craftsmanship will last.

We headed up to Farmington to where her parents and her mother’s parents reside. We stopped by her mother’s parents and shot those shots inside because her grandmother was feeling a little under the weather that day. After that, we finished up at the house Courtney grew up in with her folks:

And Watson too!

She grew up riding horses and her dad got pretty into it on account of such. We took some individual shots with him and his very well trained horse, Spud.

Courtney [and families] thank you much for an unforgettable Sunday.

PS-I’m working on my memoirs. ;)


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