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[#151]-Zach&Julia, Brewer&Millie.

Zach, Julia and I spent some time together last year. From their engagements, Julia’s bridals and their wedding, we’ve spent some quality time with a camera between us. I received an email from Julia at the beginning of September with requests for a shoot for Christmas with their pups, Brewer&Millie.
Number one: excited to work with familiar faces that love the camera.
Number two: pups! Shooting animals has been growing on me lately.
Number three: early booking! I can’t tell you how hard its been to be turning down clients for Christmas photos that have contacted me in the last two-three weeks. By no means am I complaining [at all], I just hate to miss out on opportunities with new faces.
Speaking of availability…well…I’ll save that for tomorrow’s blog. :]

On to these four! We met up and did a little driving to a new place that I had the opportunity to take Cody to for his senior photos.

Julia borrowed this blue trunk from her family. And she already had the “G”. Great props add dimension.

Our stars for the day:

Happy Holidays, you four!


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