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[#102]-Lydia, pre-Togo.

Three bachelors degrees in one sitting. Involved with SIFE, PRSSA, Radio Theatre and countless other organizations on Tech campus.

Wait, did I mention she’s leaving for Togo in two days? For 27 months, Lydia will be in the Peace Corp, stationed in Togo, Africa. She came to me, wanting a shoot to remember her “now” before this life changing journey. We spent the afternoon around campus finding great light and I learned a lot about the Lydia she is “now.”

She brought along this swanky map that outlines all the countries that there are Peace Corp partners stationed.

And, of course, a shot of her future temporary home…

[It's itty bitty, thus the macro lens necessity.]

This girl’s got plans to take over the world.

And watch it spin madly on around her…

I’ll be thinking of you, Lydia. Don’t forget to meditate. ;) If you’re interested in following Lydia’s journey, check out her blog!


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  1. Lydia Grate
    Posted May 29, 2011 at 9:46 am | #

    Thanks Liz! I will definitely work on meditating! ;)

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