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[#098]-Ryan, 9 months

April showers are slowly bringing those old adage promised May flowers. Easter evening, I was scheduled to meet up with the Banning Family for family/Ryan’s 9 month portraits. Remembering back currently, it was a downpour and the cusp of tornado alley that whole week. Not our typically Easter weather at all.

So, Maranda and I met up last week for this much needed update on Ryan’s growing progress. It feels like just yesterday that he was a newborn. We headed out to Panther Stadium in Clarksville, where Stephen coaches.

A very serious boy, he is. Only every once in a while could I catch his blue eyes wrinkle and smile curl.

Teeth! A definite sign that its been too long since I’ve photographed this little dude.

Grass rolling time!

Mimicking Maranda…

Because of the inconvenient weather, Maranda brought along both Paige and Ryan’s Easter attire to snap a few of their brother/sister love.

I saw Paige had some bubbles with her. Nothing says spring to me quite like sunshine, sundresses and bubbles…

And one infamous Paige pose…

And one last shot of Ryan, in his Easter best, hanging out with his favorite monkey.

Enjoy this weather! Get out and ride/bike/shoot/walk/make sand castles/blow bubbles!


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