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[#096]-Stef, surprise shoot.

Meet my best friend. Multi-talented artist. Starbucks barista manager extraordinaire.

So, my best friend [practically¬†sister] is in California for the month, visiting her special guy. As a bit of a surprise to him, she and I spent an hour on a weekday a few weeks ago taking some shots for him to have when he’s away this coming year overseas. Nathan, I hope you been enjoying our rock climbing, toe stumping efforts for your enjoyment. ;)

One of my favorites:

Then, we headed out to the pier. Me, scaring away the flocks of vultures [Stef's not a big fan].

Did I also mention she’s a big mermaid fan?

We had to snap a shot of this. Stef hardly takes this bracelet off. Nathan constructed it from chute cord and brought it to her on Christmas while he was in town.

I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and relaxation, Steffers. Nathan: enjoy!

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