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[#095]-Michael&Valerie, Eureka Springs wedding.

Michael&Valerie have a support system from all over the United States. During her father’s toast at the reception, he listed at least 10-12 different states that the guests were from. All to celebrate the wedding of these two Tulsa residents. And quite the weekend it was…for a variety of reasons. One of the more pressing ones [for me, at least] was the nonstop rain…and when I say nonstop…NONstop. Even with the extreme late April monsoons, their awesome wedding weekend went forth unabridged. From tuxes not fitting, missing groomsmen, alternate [not flooded] routes taken to the reception, and alternative photo plans…we all made it through with quite a few laughs!

They chose to make a weekend of it up in Eureka Springs, with kicking off that Saturday morning in the New Moon Salon for the ladies to get their hair perfected.

They all gathered at the cabin to put together all the details of the day…

The detailing of both of their rings was pretty nice.

And a shot with her hair piece for texture…

Someone got ahold of her shoes after I did, it seemed…

Dad, waiting on his daughter to get ready…

I managed to catch the guys on their way to Thorncrown…

And then caught Valerie awaiting a break in the rain to make her entrance to the ceremony.

Finally, Michael got to see his bride.

After fording the river, we all arrived at the Crescent Hotel for the reception in the Crystal Dining Room.

We managed to find some picturesque spot on the back porch of the hotel to squeeze in a few casual shots of the new Mr. & Mrs.

Toast time!

After six toast speeches [this couple is loved...fo' real], it was first dance time.

And then, the dance floor opened up.

Then the celebratory tosses!

After another hour of dancing and celebrating, the couple was wished the best.

[told you these guys have an epic group of friends!]


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