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[#082]-Cherokee&Justus, portfolio update.

This seems to be the time of year for portfolio updates. Cherokee and Justus are a bit of a phenomenon. One, they come from a very talented family [their parent"s both very active in the music scene...Natal is one of the guitarists for Dark From Day One.] Two, they both carry the same strength of look, just in the opposing sex package. [and they"re two years apart!] Three, Justus is a football player/basketball player/cross country runner AND gets awesome grades. Four, Cherokee has already made her mark in the music world, with the ability to sing, play the 12-string guitar, and the piano. At the ages of 18 and 16, these two have already walked the catwalks of Little Rock Fashion Week and shows in NW Arkansas.

I”m esteemed to say that I”ve had the pleasure of getting to see them evolve over the past two years. ¬†We ended up shooting both of them all in one 3 hour session, with over 300 raw, keep worthy proofs. I”ll let their newest set of images do the rest of the talking for me.

Let”s cover my favorites of the day of Justus first. He needed an update in formal wear. And to showcase the new straightened “do. This is what his hair looks like natural.

My for this action shot. [I apologize for how small it is]. I tore this image out of Vanity Fair in “07 to keep in my files.

Then, I quick tie back of the hair for some difference.

Now Cherokee”s from the river beach.

She needed a few more smile shots added to her collection. She”s one of those that you have to pull out the goofy jokes for to get a full beautiful smile. [I do love a challenge]

We headed to the downtown part of Dardanelle for a completely different change of scenery. I love both downtown Russellville and Dardanelle, but I must say the variety of textures of Dardanelle appeals to me a little more.

Justus, again. And we opted to do a few minutes shirtless, since he”s getting closer to the age that he can possibly pursue that side of male modeling.

Over Spring break, I finished Annie Leibovitz”s book and as I was editing these few shots of Justus, I remembered something she said about dancers and athletes…that they”ve always been some of her favorites to shoot because of the comfort level they have with their body…thus the natural appearance they have in front of a camera.

Now for the rest of Cherokee”s downtown..

And just for fun…we took a handful of the two of them together.

This, says a lot about the dynamic of their relationship:

Thank you guys, again, for a fantastic shoot.

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