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[#081]-Morris Family, Part II: Wye Daffodil Field.

The Friday before the trip to Savannah, I took a long winding trip through the back highways to end up in Wye. Why, you ask? The most lush daffodil field I have ever seen held promise of an awesome continuation of the Morris family’s photos. Check out the Wye Daffodil Festival if you’re a newbie to this place like I was.

Amelia discovered the golden flowers for the first time.

And when it was taken away, made faces like this.

Patticake seemed to get her back into the photo taking spirit though. It was apparently impressive that I knew the entire song. [I'm still a kid at heart.]

I think he’s slowly starting to warm up to me snapping a few of him.

These are the two of them…natural. One of my favorites.

Ryan got attacked by the Amelia kissing monster!

As did Julie!

Thank you guys for a really laid back Friday afternoon. And introducing me to such an awesome place!


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