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[#080]-Savannah, GA: Spring Break 2011.

As promised…a little insight into my recent trek to Savannah, Georgia. This city [well, the historic section anyhow] has all the components I look for in a easy to have good time. The historic district is easily navigated and broken up with the 22 “squares.” These are basically mini parks within the city that each contain some sort of monument that gives the vistor an insight into how this 278 year-old city came to be. Back to those components to having a good time…

1. It has the historical charm of Eureka Springs…and the art scene that competes.

2. Bikes. Everywhere.

3. Trees. Lots of trees. With a particular favorite of mine: Oak. With complementary Spanish moss.

I have dubbed Savannah the land that palms and oaks live in harmony.

4. Lastly, it has a history. A rich one that I loved experiencing.

For more shots from my trip, follow the link on my facebook page.

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