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[#079]-Trent, Ozark senior: 2011

Whew. I'm back in the technology world after escaping away to Savannah for three days. Below is just a peek at what I'll be producing for you all to see in the coming days….

I'm happy to be back, though [as I catch the sound of the train coming down the tracks, only a few blocks from my apartment].

Back to our subject at hand: Ozark senior, Trent. He's my 8 years younger cousin [yes, I am starting to slowly feel older]. He's been a lineman for the Ozark Hillbillies and loves working on his vintage Mustang with his dad, Scott. Some warned I wouldn't get many smiles from Trent. I was happily surprised that we managed a few as well as a few as…well…just Trent. In most situations, I like to catch those exactly like they are, with a little conversational coaching here and there.

One of my absolute favorites from the day [this spot is a favorite amongst Ozark senior to have their shots taken...back in '04 I had one of mine taken here]

The car…this is one of my favorite parts of this shoot.

You'd be smiling that big too if you were in the driver's seat of that beauty!

And, of course, we had to get some shots on Ozark's new turf field. [okay, it's not brand new, now...but it's new to me!]

That helmet has seen a lot, I can imagine.

Thanks for bearing with me, Trent, for all the smiling occasions! I hope you continue to have a great senior year.

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