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[#078]-Karley, Ozark senior 2011.

Growing up in Ozark, I’ve known Karley’s family for a number of years [Kecia, her mom, was the one who managed to snag my current ride, the infamous yellow SUV nearly 8 years ago.] ┬áSo, I was excited to get in contact with her when she was interested in me taking Karley’s seniors. Karley, simply put, was a piece of cake to work with. She’s working on her plans for her chosen major in college, but something is brewing [possibly related to English, it seems] and I think we spent more time laughing, joking and relating than anything else. Sometimes that’s what it takes! And it certainly paid off…

This particular scarf belonged to her grandmother. A pretty cool edition, I’d say.

We dubbed this “waiting for the bus…” If you know Karley, you’ll have to ask her about the rest of the story. :)

Red lips, red door. Sporting combination.

Thanks for the awesome afternoon, Karley.
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