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[#075]-Two shows, three great bands.

Friday night at the Journey here in Russellville [who has also hosted some other great local bands like Deas Vail], I had the opportunity to shoot one of my favorite bands, Dark From Day One and a new group I’d not listened to before, Atma. I definitely enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones, all the while enjoying some great tunes.

Atma is a truly progressive rock band with a Pearl Jam feel.

And then Dark From Day One, who played up this younger crowd quite well.

…with a little trivia quiz to see which fan was going to blindfold Dylan [the drummer] for him to play a song of their choice, sightless!

She chose a song later on in the show…so the guys did their thing: a stellar performance as always.

It was time for the blindfolding…

And the test…

and never missing a beat. [or at least from what I could tell!]

Show #2: Dark From Day One and Hella Lula at Front Street Grill.

I was totally stoked to see some much needed advancements to the stage at Front Street. This photog was definitely a happy camper to have a really large elevated stage to get some sweet elevated shots.

First up, Hell&Lula. Another I’ve never experienced, but was sure glad I did. Upon waking today and beginning processing of last night’s shots, I bought a few of their tunes off iTunes. It seems to make greatĀ ambianceĀ to process a band’s photos to their own music. :)

And another awesome performance by the guys from Dark From Day One. With one of the most active crowds I’ve experienced with them in the River Valley Area.

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