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[#061-Brandon&Brittany]-Greene Chapel, Hendrix

I do hope all readers had a fantastic holiday and are looking forward to the coming new year. I know this photographer/writer/grad student is ready and very excited to document another year of people’s lives as well as continue traveling as much as possible to capture unseen corners of places.

Brandon and Brittany have been dating for around seven years. I had the opportunity of getting a little bit of downtime with them both between events and asked them how they met. A smile formed on my face when they both told the exact same story. These two are loved by many…many who have great memories that were shamelessly shared during the toasts. :]

This was my first time on Hendrix Campus for a wedding…so many wonderful places to take advantage of shooting.

Some little details.

And one last moment before meeting Brandon.

He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her the whole time I had with the two of them.

I finally managed to catch his attention for a few eye contact shots.

And one of my favorites of the day…

The rustic ceiling of the chapel was pretty rockin’.

The bridal details.

Groom table details.

First dance.

Father of the groom/bride dance.

One of the sweetest couples I know. I can’t believe its been a year since I documented their wedding.

I hope you guys had an awesome time on your honeymoon and a Merry Christmas.

Posted to tie the knot.

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